13. October 2023
PhD and master’s student positions with stipends are now open for applications until January, 2024!

04. July 2023
We now have open positions for postdocs, research associates and graduate researchers! Apply and Join us!

5. June 2023
Congratulations to Chuan for promotion to Associate Research Fellow (Associate Professor) with tenure!

2. June 2023
Congratulations to Maxime for receiving postdoctoral fellowship from Academia Sinica (AS-PD-11202-L01)!

14. March 2023
New paper in Microbiology Spectrum: Widespread distribution and evolution of poxviral entry-fusion complex proteins in giant viruses

20. February 2023
Congratulations to Tzu-Tong on receiving the Postdoc Research Award from National Science and Technology Council!

13. January 2023
Congratulations to Hsin-Tung on winning second place in flash talk competition at Mitalk7 meeting!

10. January 2023
New paper in Genome Biology: Single-cell transcriptomics unveils xylem cell development and evolution

19. December 2022
Congratulations to Chuan on being selected as an EMBO Global Investigator!

21. September 2022
Congratulations to Chuan on receiving Outstanding Young Scholar Award from Taiwan Society of Plant Biologists!

14. September 2022
Congratulations to Tzu-Tong on winning 2022 IPMB travel grant!

31. August 2022
Congratulations to Ho-Lin on winning the second prize in IPMB Summer Intern Oral Presentation!

21. June 2022
We now have open positions for postdocs, research associates and graduate researchers! Apply and Join us!

10. June 2022
New paper in New Phytologist: Rampant Nuclear-Mitochondrial-Plastid Phylogenomic Discordance in Globally Distributed Calcifying Microalgae

20. October 2021
新聞報導:中研院團隊 揭巨病毒演化之謎 (Taiwanese newspaper coverage on our research)

17. September 2021
New paper in Virus Evolution: Unraveling Gene Content Variation Across Eukaryotic Giant Viruses Based on Network Analyses and Host Associations

31. August 2021
Chuan is honored to be a recipient of the 2021 FAOS Young Scholar Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship (FAOS), Taiwan

24. August 2021
New paper in mSystems: Giant Virus-Eukaryote Interactions as Ecological and Evolutionary Driving Forces

3. May 2021
We welcome Serge Ryndov from Finland to join our lab!

10. December 2020
Congratulations to Tzu-Tong for receiving postdoctoral fellowship from Academia Sinica!

30. November 2020
Congratulations to Tsu-Wang for winning a poster prize at the annual contest of the Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program!

21. November 2020
Check out our new paper! Host Range and Coding Potential of Eukaryotic Giant Viruses

06. November 2020
We have open positions for postdocs and graduate researchers! Apply and Join us!

02. November 2020
Great news! Our lab receives Career Development Award funding from Academia Sinica to study genome evolution and regulation in giant viruses!

27. August 2020
Congratulations to Tsu-Wang on his admission to the Genome and Systems Biology Master’s Program!

11. February 2020
Our letter to PNAS on the ancient evolution of eukaryotes and their giant viruses is now published.

01. January 2020
Summer internship positions are available. Contact us and apply by February 29.

07. October 2019
Check out this paper by Chuan and Arnau Sebé-Pedrós on the potential of single-cell RNA-sequencing for microbial eukaryotes.

25. September 2019
Chuan presents his postdoc work at Fourth Microbial Single Cell Genomics Workshop.

01. July 2019
Congratualtions to Tsu-Wang for receiving Undergraduate Research Grant from Ministry of Science and Technology!

03. May 2019
Our lab remodeling is completed!