Group Members

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Chuan Ku (顧銓)

Assistant research fellow (2019.01–), Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology; Adjunct / jointly appointed assistant professor (2020.08–), Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Genome and Systems Biology Degree Program, National Taiwan University [CV][ResearchGate][Google Scholar]

  • B.Sc., Life Science (minor in Geosciences), National Taiwan University
  • M.Sc., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Natioanl Taiwan University (with Jer-Ming Hu)
  • Research assistant, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology (with Chih-Horng Kuo)
  • Dr. rer. nat., Biology, University of Düsseldorf, Germany (with Bill Martin) [DAAD scholarship]
  • Postdoc, Plant and Environmental Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (with Assaf Vardi) [EMBO fellowship]

Ming-Wei Lai (賴名威)

Lab manager (2020.07–)

  • B.Sc., Life Science, Fu-Jen Catholic University
  • M.Sc., Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Natioanl Taiwan University
  • Ph.D., Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Natioanl Taiwan University (with Ruey-Fen Liou)
  • Research scientist, Industrial Technology Research Institute / Trade Wind Biotech

Tzu-Tong Kao (高資棟)

Postdoctoral researcher (2020.02–)

  • B.Sc., Life Science, National Taiwan University
  • M.Sc., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Natioanl Taiwan University
  • Research assistant, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
  • Ph.D., Biology, Duke University, USA (with Kathleen Pryer)

Chia-Ling Yang (楊佳陵)

Research associate (2019.04–)

  • B.Sc., Science Education, National Taipei University of Education
  • M.Sc., Plant Biology, National Taiwan University (Chiu-Ping Cheng)

Tzu-Haw Wang (王姿皓)

Bioinformatician / research associate (2019.09–)

  • B.Sc., Bioscience and Biotechnology, National Taiwan Ocean University
  • M.Sc., Oceanography, National Taiwan University (with Sen-Lin Tang)

Siwat Chang

Research associate (2020.09–); research intern (2020.02–2020.04)

  • B.Sc., Biochemistry, Imperial College London, UK

Sheng Kao

Research associate (2021.10–)

  • B.A., Biology with Computer Science minor, Oberlin College, USA


Bo-Wei Wang (王柏崴)

Role: Lab manager / research associate

  • B.Sc. & M.Sc., Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science, National Taiwan Ocean University (with Kuo-Ping Chiang)

Vi Lê

Role: Research intern

  • B.Sc., Biotechnology, Vietnamese National University, Vietnam (2017-2021)

Shang-Hong Lin (林上泓)

Role: Research intern

  • B.Sc., Biology, National Changhua University of Education (2017–2021)

Elias Miguel Barreira

Role: Visiting master’s student

  • M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Lisbon, Portugal (2011-2015); M.Sc., Bioinformatics, University of Lisbon, Portugal (2018-)

Iris Wu

Role: Research intern

  • B.S., Molecular Environmental Biology, University of California, Berkley, USA (2017.08–)

Tong Jyun (Tom) Ho

Role: Research intern

  • B.A., Biological Sciences, Cornell University, USA (2017.08–)

Tsu-Wang Sun (孫祖望)

Role: M.Sc. student (2020.09–2021.02); undergrad researcher (2019.07–2020.02)

  • B.Sc., Plant Pathology, National Chung Hsing University; Undergraduate research grant from Ministry of Science and Technology (2019.07–2020.02); M.Sc., Genome and Systems Biology, National Taiwan University (2020.09–)

Serge Ryndov

Role: Research associate

  • B.Eng., Environmental Engineering, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Finland (2013-2017); M.Sc., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland (2018-2021)